We are a complete full time taxidermy studio located in the central United States in north central Kansas in the town of Wakefield. 

Tom's Taxidermy is owned and operated by award winning master taxidermists Tom Bowman, Clint Bowman, and Gary Penn.  We  have been in business since 1977.  We are a USDA approved facility for receiving of foreign trophies. 

We are equipped to handle all of your taxidermy needs from anything elephant sized on down to a mouse.  Due to our location and small town size we can operate with much lower overhead than some other taxidermy facilities and keep high quality with reasonable prices.  We operate a 3,000sq.ft. facility and have the largest taxidermy display room in the state.

Tom is a founding member of the Kansas Association of Taxidermists. Clint and Gary are also active members of the association.  We annually participate in taxidermy competitions and promote the art of taxidermy.  

We have each hunted and fished on 3 continents and have numerous untold hours of many different observations of species which enables us to capture the natural grace and beauty of your hard earned trophy in your mount.

This page was last updated: July 26, 2012